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Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the 7th Annual VTB Capital Investment Forum entitled "Russia Calling" in Moscow, Tuesday. Speaking at the forum on the issue of Russia's economic depression, Putin stated that "we believe that we have, if not passed the peak [of economic decline], at least reached it," adding that "we expect that in the upcoming years we will exit this state [of decline]." The Russian President continued that "we have calculated that we will not only pass this stage, not only to come out of the depression status of certain sectors of the economy, but also to restore the positive trend in economics in general," adding that the "objective is a structural change in our economy." The VTB Capital Investment Forum is a global event that brings together policy makers, investors and business figures to promote dialogue and strategic investment into Russia's economy. The event is held from October 13 until October 14. The agenda of the Forum includes a number of panel sessions with senior government officials, executives of major international corporations and leading Russian businesses.


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