France: Macron visits New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum

French President Emmanuel Macron visited the New Caledonian island of Ouvea on Saturday for the first time, as the island group gears up for a historic independence referendum on November 4.
Footage shows Macron participating in a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the 1988 hostage crisis, which occured when indigenous tribesmen took French police hostage and demanded talks with Paris about independence from France.
The crisis resulted in the deaths of 19 separatists and four French gendarmes.
French presence is being brought under the microscope in November largely because of a two-decade-long agreement, the Noumea Accord, between Paris and New Caledonia which specified a referendum must be held before the start of 2019.
Macron has previously expressed his support for the island territory to remain part of France, saying it is the only way of 'guaranteeing peace'.