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At Sea: Iran tanker company says no oil leak after missile attacks

0 15.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Holes in hull of oil tanker
M/S Holes in hull of oil tanker
M/S Hole in side of oil tanker
The National Iranian Tanker Company (NIOC) released new video footage on Tuesday showing damage to the hull of the 'Sabiti', although not sufficient to have caused an oil leak, the claim.
Sabiti was allegedly struck by two missiles and damaged in the Red Sea on October 11, Iran's state-run news agency reported. The incident purportedly occurred overnight off the coast of Saudi Arabia near the port of Jeddah.
Iran's foreign ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi had previously expressed concern over oil leak from and condemned the culprit behind the missile attack. RUPTLY has not been able to independently verify the reports.