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Italy: Modern-day Florentine gladiators slug it out in ancient ultraviolent footy game

1 25.06.2019 Инфо

W/S Santa Croce Square in Florence
M/S Calcio players fighting
W/S Calcio storico
W/S Calcio storico
W/S Wrestling
M/S Wrestling
C/U Water being poured over competitors
W/S Supporters
M/S Supporters
W/S Wrestling
M/S Wrestling
W/S Calcio storico
M/S Supporters hanging over fence
M/S Supporters waving from behind fence
M/S Supporters cheering through barrier
W/S Crowd chanting and clapping
M/S Supporter waving flare and shouting encouragement
W/S A goal is scored
M/S Injured player crawling sand
M/S Injured player holding cold pack to head
W/S Banner reading, "Now you can raise [the] white flag" (Italian)
M/S Fighting
W/S Santa Croce Square
W/S Players celebrate
M/S Players hugging in celebration
M/S Players celebrating with banner in front of church
W/S Celebrations
M/S Parade with people in renaissance costume
M/S Parade with man on horseback in renaissance costume
M/S Parade with people in renaissance costume
M/S Man holding up game balls in renaissance costume
M/S Mayor of Florence Rocco Commisso waving to crowds
W/S People in renaissance costumes waving banners
If you wonder what it would look like to mix MMA and football, look no further than Calcio Storico, or 'historic football', a tradition dating back to the 16th century, which saw its yearly tournament take place on Monday in Florence.
Sucker-punches and kicks to the head are prohibited but headbutting, punching, elbowing, and choking are all allowed, as shown in footage of players wrestling and boxing in the gladiator arena-like sand covered pitch.
Florence Mayor Rocco Commisso was spotted in the audience at the final, where the Red Team from Santa Maria Novella won 8-2 over the White Team from Santo Spirito quarter. It is unknown how many players were injured, but it is safe to assume few walked away unscathed.