German Retrials Over Texting Judge

Germany's highest civil court has ordered two retrials after a judge was discovered arranging childcare via text message during court hearings.
It said mobile phones had no place in the courtroom, and banned judges from using them while hearing a case.
At the time, the judge was presiding over the trial of two men on stabbing charges at a court in Frankfurt.
Lawyers for the accused lodged a motion of bias against the defence after the judge was seen using a mobile phone.
Germany's Federal Court of Justice threw out the convictions after the judge - who has not been identified - was found to have checked the phone several times during 10 minutes of witness testimony.
The judge also texted a babysitter twice when the hearing ran over longer than expected.
BGH judge Thomas Fischer said mobile phones "do not belong in the courtroom - that goes for onlookers, lawyers and of course also for judges," and he stressed that judges must be focused on the case at all times.