USA: 'Murderers!' Anti-brutality protesters vandalise Oakland police HQ

Hundreds of protesters blocked a major highway in Oakland, California on Thursday evening, protesting the fatal police shootings of two African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and what they consider racist policing.
Protestors hit out at local police for allegedly committing similar acts as those that saw Sterling and Castile killed, as well as an unfolding sex scandal involving Oakland officers and a minor. Local peace activist Ben McBride called for a "total fundamental transformation of the public safety system".
The evening rally started with a march from Frank Ogawa Plaza to the police headquarters. Protesters mounted the freeway via the Interstate 880 off-ramp and held up traffic for four hours before police ordered them off.
Meanwhile officers faced off protesters outside the police headquarters where their windows and those of nearby businesses were smashed and daubed with paint and graffiti.