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142 22.05.2016 Инфо

Along the lifelines you've got me surrounded
With your face and the hollow of your soul
Because of this disease that you've confessed
Poisoned tears will fall and my body feels so cold
Like someone who sits unaware
It could be me but I'd beware
So I'll set this world ablaze
And blow apart the place
It's always the same, an end in sorrow
Maybe I am wrong but I will follow
The depths of my soul, the wall of despair
In my heart I know there's nothing there
Feel no remorse for what I've done
'Cause I'm the guardian angel banished from the sun
I'll meet the passion and the pain
I will fight and I will hate them until my dying day
The smell of death lies in the air
My father's struck but no one seems to care
Can't find my way home to you
'Cause I lost the faith in you