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Hong Kong: Police disperse Yuen Long attack memorial sit-in

3 21.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Protester and police argue, Hong Kong
M/S Police shouting orders to protesters through loud speakers
M/S Police pushing back protesters, old man
M/S Scuffles erupt between protesters and police
W/S Protesters chanting
W/S Dispersed protesters
M/S Police pointing at protesters with guns
M/S Policeman on ground
M/S Policemen
M/S Police shooting
M/S Press
M/S Policemen
W/S Protesters dispersing
Hong Kong police forcefully dispersed protesters gathered to commemorate the July 21 Yuen Long train attack in Hong Kong, on Monday.
Protesters were heard chanting "Liberate HK, age of revolution, 5 demands, not one less" as they staged a sit-in amid a heavy police presence.
At least 45 people were injured in the Yuen Long incident on July 21, after around a hundred armed and masked men attacked commuters and anti-government protesters inside the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station of Yuen Long.
The sit-in took place as Hong Kong continues to be rocked by weeks of mass protests after the government tried to introduce a now-suspended bill that would have allowed for the extradition of the city's residents to mainland China to face trial.