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President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the newly elected heads of the Irkutsk and Yamalo-Nenets Territories, in Sochi on Tuesday. Vyacheslav Volodin, the first deputy chief of staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia, was also present at the meeting. Sergei Levchenko, the Irkutsk Governor, said there is “a lot to do in the sphere of the wood recycling industry." Levchenko also informed the President about the region’s gas fields saying: “you know that there is one of the largest gas deposits in the world, the Kovyktinskoe gas condensate deposit.” The local ecology of Irkutsk featured prominently in the conversation after forest fires devastated Baikal this summer. According to Levchenko, “the most important task we have is to put things in order to prevent this from happening.” The head of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Territory, Dmitry Kobylkin, mentioned two large projects: the construction of an oil pipeline and a gas plant. The pipeline is being built by state-owned oil pipeline company Transneft. Kobylkin stated that the pipeline is currently “on schedule” for completion. The Yamal gas plant already has 13,000 people working on site, according to Kobylkin, who also said that “supporting infrastructure like kindergartens, schools” will be constructed in time. Both regional leaders were elected in the middle of September.


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