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The leader of the Russian 'Night Wolves' motorcycle club Alexander 'The Surgeon' Zaldostanov paid homage to the people who came out to support the group as they toured through Europe, whilst speaking at the Gagarin Cup 2015 International Festival of Mototourism in St. Petersburg, Sunday. The motorcycle club travelled 6,000-kilometre (3,728-mile) from Moscow to Berlin in early May to commemorate Victory Day and the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. Zaldostanov said that people had shown that they were not influenced by the "shameless propaganda" of the media, which he argued backfired, as the more negative press the group got, the more support they received on the roads of Eastern and Central Europe. After being blocked from crossing the Polish border by authorities, the Night Wolves continued their way to the German capital via Hungary. German authorities also attempted to deny the bikers access, but the decision was overruled by a Berlin court, as no significant threat to public order could be sighted by the commemorative action. The motorcycle club arrived in Berlin on May 8.


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