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President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz urged the European Council to pay the aid money that had been promised by the European Union to countries dealing with a large influx of migrants and refugees, during a press conference in Brussels, Thursday. "Ladies and gentlemen, in the name of the European Parliament I have recommended the European Council to pay the aid money, which had been confirmed before. It doesn't make any sense to come together for incessant council meetings to pass decrees on financing random projects in order to later learn from experts that the money doesn't flow," Schulz stated, adding that "given our current situation, this is dramatic." "Yesterday in the European Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker justifiably pointed to the fact that in some cases, only millions of the previously confirmed money, amounting billions, has flown. Of one stock for instance, that has been quantified with 1.8 billion, 9 million has been paid so far," Schulz said, describing the situation as "a heavy failure, which can't be ignored." The press conference followed a meeting of the European Council, where issues discussed included the refugee crisis, the UK referendum and the situation in Ukraine.


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