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Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that the country are "deeply disappointed" with the EU's "Russophobic" decision to extend economic sanctions on Russia until January 31, 2016 in Moscow, Monday. He asserted the fact that he believes the EU have overlooked the fact that "hundreds of thousands" of jobs are set to be lost as a result of further sanctions. He also expressed concern that "EU continues to put all the responsibility for the full implementation of the Minsk Agreement on the Russian side," calling the approach "absurd." In Lukashevich's opinion, the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine is "in the hands of Kiev, which doesn't hurry to fulfil their obligations." He went on to express concern about the date that the decision to extend the sanctions was announced. "The decision to extend the anti-Russian sanctions looks particularly cynical on June 22, the day when Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. We hope it is a coincidence, not a specially-designed step," he added.


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