Russia: Putin mobbed by young models dressed as brides

In what must be one of the hardships of high office, Russian President Vladimir Putin was mobbed by young models dressed as brides, on his way to Moscow Day, on Saturday. The women asked the Russian President for selfies as he walked with a delegation of officials.
Putin, accompanied by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, went for a walkabout on Red Square during Moscow Day celebrations. Seeing the president, the models insisted that he pause for a moment so they could all take pictures with the Russian leader, and he gallantly acquiesced.
The women had been taking part in a performance to mark the 869th anniversary of the founding of the Russian capital. After pausing briefly to pose, Putin continued on his way to take a seat on the tribune to enjoy the celebrations.
Last Saturday and Sunday more than 200 areas across the city hosted around 1,000 events and festivities.