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Germany: 'Fewer refugees' the goal says CDU/CSU Parliamentary group leader

1 26.01.2016 Инфо

Co-chair of the Die Linke party, Sahra Wagenknecht, and Parliamentary group leader of CDU/CSU in the German Bundestag, Volker Kauder, spoke to the press ahead of a parliamentary faction meeting in Berlin, Tuesday. Both politicians spoke about the current refugee crisis and, more specifically, the German government's migration policy.
Kauder stated that the main goal of Europe's migration policy should be to limit refugee flows into Europe. "What is very important for Europe at the moment is that everything possible should be done in order to achive the goal - fewer refugees coming to Europe," he said.
Wagenknecht meanwhile said the current German government was unable to negotiate. "Generally speaking, every week, the question arises, for how long can this country afford a government which is not able to negotiate," she said, adding that German states receive "less support from the central government" because of the increasing expense of the current refugee crisis. "We have to answer the question of how we can afford additional expenses, especially in the light of the refugee crisis, without increasing incomes, because we cannot just increase wealth tax or other taxes," the Die Linke politician stated.