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Iraq: Karbala fireworks protest leaves locals enraged

1 22.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Police and protesters clash, Karbala
C/U Riot police
M/S Fireworks thrown at riot police
C/U Riot police hit by rocks
W/S Police clashing with protesters
W/S Fireworks thrown at police
M/S Fireworks thrown at police
M/S Fireworks thrown at police
C/U Burning debris
SOT, Iraqi citizen (Iraqi Arabic): "Get away, show them, this unacceptable."
SOT, Journalist (Iraqi Arabic): "Who assaulted you?"
SOT, Iraqi citizen (Iraqi Arabic): "Thugs, who else? If they were peaceful people we would leave them in peace.
C/U Molotov cocktail *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Iraqi citizen (Iraqi Arabic): "It's going on for a week, they are destroying everything, everything."
M/S Riot police
Anti-government protests in Karbala came to an end after residents grew angry with the continued unrest early Friday morning.
Footage shows riot police being pelted by rocks and fireworks.
One distressed resident said, "They are destroying everything, everything."
Police have allegedly refrained from using tear gas or live bullets in the last couple of days.