Jeb Bush Denounces Iran Nuclear Deal as Appeasement

The agreement reached by world powers on Tuesday to try to curb the Iranian nuclear program met with two very distinct reactions from the candidates who wish to replace Barack Obama as president in 2016: Republican candidates greeted the deal with a chorus of condemnation while most Democrats praised the deal.
Republicans have long been wary of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, seeing the Obama administration figures involved as weak negotiators who were ready to take “a bad deal”.
Perhaps the most devastating critique came from the former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who tacitly compared Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain. “This isn’t diplomacy – it is appeasement,” Bush said in a statement. He also condemned the Iranian regime, noting: “The people of Iran, the region, Israel, America, and the world deserve better than a deal that consolidates the grip on power of the violent revolutionary clerics who rule Tehran with an iron fist.”