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During a press conference in Berlin, Monday, German Ministry of Interior spokesperson Johannes Dimroth responded to questions regarding the statement the minister made condemning PEGIDA after Cologne stabbing attack on Saturday. "Generally speaking, the GIDA movements, not only PEGIDA, but also other GIDA movements are not organised personnel united movements, however what they have in common is the resentment of asylum seekers, foreigners and Muslims," Dimroth stated, adding that "many orders, also extreme right try to influence these events," which depicts, in his opinion a "dangerous and aggressive potential." However, when asked directly whether there are any ongoing investigations, or observations, Dirmoth answered that "there is momentarily no observation in the legal sense against the PEGIDA. We are watching closely what is happening there." German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert gave a statement regarding the question of whether Germany will be building a fence on the border with Austria. He quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying that the chancellor said that she "strongly believes that you cannot close off a country like Germany, and also that a fence would not help keep desperate people completely away. Rather we have to work on fighting causes of the refugee crisis," he said before emphasising the role the nation is playing in bringing "a collective European reaction to the refugee crisis."


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