Brazil: 'Coup against the working class!' Protesters decry Temer's presidency in Rio

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, demanding the resignation of the newly appointed Brazilian President Michel Temer and calling for the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to review the impeachment process of former President Dilma Rousseff.
The protests came following the dismissal of the former speaker of Brazil's House of Representatives Eduardo Cunha from congress, a key figure in facilitating impeachment proceedings against Rousseff.
The protesters chanted anti-Temer slogans and held placards reading "Temer out - #NoCoupinBrazil," "Supreme Court, annul impeachment now" and "Come back, Dilma."
Temer was officially instated 31 August 2016, after being appointed by the Brazilian Senate in Brasilia. His appointment comes as former President Rousseff was removed from office, in order for an impeachment trial to continue against her. Rousseff has been charged with manipulating public budgetary figures before the October 2014 election. She and her party's supporters maintain her innocence and accuse Brazil's right-wing majority Senate of voting to proceed with the impeachment trial to instigate a coup and sidestep democratic elections.
The so-called coup has since swept Brazil with mass protests, with Rousseff supporters and detractors of the newly instated government calling for Temer's resignation and snap elections following Rousseff's removal by the senate. Violent clashes have erupted in several major Brazilian cities including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, with local reports of a severe police response.