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About 300 refugees were waiting at the Serbian-Croatian border in the Berkasovo-Bapska area on Wednesday evening, waiting to cross into Croatia to continue their trip to northern Europe. Croatian authorities restricted the massive groups of refugees entering the territory and long queues were formed in the Serbian side with refugees, many of them with kids being stranded. A young man entertained the group while playing his djembe, as the majority of the refugees are likely to spend the night in the cold weather. A young girl couldn't stand the difficult conditions and fainted and was taken to receive treatment. Serbian Minister of Labour and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin said earlier on Wednesday that 6,000 people are expected to enter Serbia by the end Wednesday. Many of them have already arrived in Berkasovo and others are expected in the morning. A dispute over the handling of refugees has emerged between both Serbia and Croatia. Tensions arose after Croatia began turning away vehicles and migrants at its borders, saying it could not cope with the numbers.


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