HP's New Pavilion Desktops Crank up the Sound With B&O Play

PC sales have slipped considerably over the last few years, but the humble desktop and all-in-one computers are poised to make a comeback this year, thanks in part to Microsoft’s pending release of Windows 10. For the back-to-school season, HP is firing on all cylinders with new all-in-one Pavilion PCs and colorful Pavilion Tower PCs running Windows 8.1. HP also has a high-resolution Ultra High Definition 4K monitor it wants you to pick up. As part of a new partnership, all of HP's PCs will feature Bang & Olfusen's B&O Play audio — sound specifically tuned for each type of machine. HP's updated Pavilion laptops were the first PCs to include B&O Play-tuned sound and now its desktops are getting the same treatment.