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France: Refugees accused of storming Calais ferry appear in court

5 25.01.2016 Инфо

Six refugees and two members of the pro-refugee activist group 'No Borders' appeared in a court in the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer near Calais, Monday, after being allegedly identified as part of a group who stormed a British ferry in Calais on Saturday during a large pro-refugee rally.
On Saturday, police made 24 arrests after a group of 50 refugees and migrants stormed the MS Spirit of Britain ferry in Calais. The group, which was originally made up of around 200 people, entered the port area following a pro-refugee demonstration which finished close by. The demonstration attracted around 2,000 people and was led by humanitarian groups. The refugees and migrants split off from the rally before storming the port and boarding the ferry. The ferry's crew used water cannon on the refugees and migrants who were eventually escorted off the boat by police.
Thousands of migrants and refugees have been left stranded in Calais over the past year as they wait for an opportunity to cross the English Channel into the United Kingdom. Around 6,000 refugees and migrants are currently living in and around Calais.