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Race-car driver and Top Gear star Ben Collins told Ruptly what it was like to be ‘The Stig,’ saying “I just enjoy doing my job,” during a visit to Moscow on Thursday. ‘The Stig’ was a character on the successful car show that would never be seen without his helmet. Collins was revealed as the identity of the ‘The Stig’ after much speculation, despite the show trying to suggest that the helmeted racer was in fact Formula One legend Michael Schumacher. Despite being on TV for eight years, Collins admits to being “very shy.” Now he just enjoys “working behind the scenes is just as much as working in front of the camera.” Collins is impressed with the Russia capital, calling the architecture “beautiful.” He also found familiarity with the food declaring that borsch “is like the home cooking that I grew up with.” Although, he admitted he wasn’t too keen on the weather calling it “extreme” but “fun.”


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