Сблъсъци във Виена между крайно леви и крайно десни протестиращи

Violent clashes erupted between far-right and anti-racism protesters in Vienna, Saturday, as the nationalist Identitarian Movement of Austria rally was halted in its tracks by antifa protests. Several arrests were made as altercations continued to break out throughout the protests. The Identitarian Movement of Austria called Saturday's march to protest what they claim is the "depopulating" of white Austrians and the plight of "native Europeans." The 500-strong Antifa protesters far outnumbered the 200 far-right activists, who chanted anti-racist slogans. Some 794 physical attacks were reported in Austria during 2014, with an increase in attacks against Muslims, according to ZARA, a Vienna-based anti-racism NGO, with the group stating that anti-Muslim attacks have skyrocketed following the emergence of the Islamic State (IS, ISIL) in 2014.