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France: Police use tear gas as Yellow Vests hit Lyon on movement's anniv.

7 16.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Police charging Place Bellecour, Lyon
W/S Riot police throw tear gas
W/S Tear gas
W/S Riot police and tear gas
M/S Riot police next to van
W/S Protesters surrounded by tear gas
W/S Protesters sing 'Happy Birthday' to the police *UPSOUND* (French): "Happy Birthday"
M/S Protester with sign
SOT, Thierry, Yellow Vest protester, (French): "Happy anniversary. See you soon. Let’s go on, it’s our only option because they don’t listen to us. But it does not matter. We will go on."
W/S Riot police throw tear gas
M/S Riot police
W/S Beginning of the march at Place Bellecour (French): "Precariousness kills"
M/S Protester with sign
W/S Riot police advancing
W/S Protesters in tear gas
W/S Protesters in smoke batting away canisters
SOT, Alain, Yellow Vest protester, (French): "This is our first anniversary. We have been on the streets for one year. This is an historic day in all the cities of France. We are here to change this society."
W/S Riot police advance towards Place Bellecour
W/S Riot police
W/S Protesters amongst gas
W/S Cars on road under tear gas cloud
M/S Yellow Vest protester
W/S Protesters; sign reading (French): "#Macron = destitution"
W/S Protesters
Riot police used tear gas, stun grenades and flash balls on protesters who celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Yellow Vest demonstrations in Lyon on Saturday.
Around 1,000 protesters gathered despite a ban on any protest in three different areas of the city, including the city centre. The march started at 14:00 local time (13:00 GMT) at Place Bellecour, as scheduled.
Footage shows heavily clad riot police throwing the gas canisters and charging towards protesters.
Protesters sang 'Happy Birthday,' as one Yellow Vest attendee, Thierry, confirmed they will "go on," because "they don’t listen."
Another protester, Alain, celebrated being on the streets for a year as an "historic day in all the cities of France. We are here to change this society."