France: ‘The anger is so great, it explodes’ - Police officers protest for fifth consecutive day

Hundreds of French police officers took part in demonstrations for the fifth day in a row to protest against the lack of government spending on their department and to demand further protection for field officers, Paris, Saturday.
Julien, a police officer, iterated the strength of feeling behind the protests: "The anger is so great, it explodes, it is the case today, everything explodes and there is no control over anything. If nothing is done soon, it will be worse."
Guillaume, a member of the Police anti-crime brigade, added: "Colleagues are outraged. They are fed up with it. What do you do for us?"
Embattled French President Francois Hollande said he would meet with the protesters. Hollande's political rivals have criticised his administration for allegedly allowing lawlessness to spread across France, despite a recruitment drive for officers.
The protests were instigated by an incident which saw four police officers injured earlier in October, when their cars were set ablaze by a Molotov cocktail thrown during a riot in Viry-Chatillon, in the southern suburbs of the French capital.