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Germany: Juncker calls on Trump to clarify free trade, NATO and climate policies

1 10.11.2016 Инфо

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker called on US President-elect Donald Trump to clarify his positions on several issues such as global trade, future relations with NATO as well as climate change policy, speaking on the occasion of the awarding of the Deutscher Elite-Mittelstandspreis from Berlin on Thursday.
"We expect the designated US president to be clear on what his intentions are. We would like to know how things will proceed with the global trade policy; we would like to know what intentions Mr Trump has regarding the Alliance [NATO]. We must know what climate policies he intends to pursue and all this must be cleared up in the next few months," he said.
Juncker continued, "Not that we Europeans are planning to send a wish list to Washington, but we need clarity on the intentions of our globally, most important strategic partner. And we will work towards this."
During the election campaign US President-elect Donald Trump has strongly criticised free trade agreements, NATO as well as promised to withdraw the US from the Paris climate deal.