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UK: Pro-Assange activists gather outside London court during hearing

1 18.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Courts save our Julian placard outside London's Westminster Magistrates Court
M/S Free Assignee banner waves in wind
M/S Activists outside court
M/S John Mcgee outside court on loudspeaker
W/S McGee addressing members of the public
SOT, John Mcgee, Assange activist (English): "It's the biggest story in the world today, the biggest story for a very long time and people don't realise. I'm shocked."
W/S People outside court
SOT, John McGee "if he is allowed to be extradited, to disappear into some dungeon in America, or to he executed, which is not out of the question...we can wave goodbye to truth and justice."
M/S Joe Brack speaks to public through loud speaker, calling Westminster Magistrates Court an outpost for US justice systems
M/S Activist holds up placard
SOT, Joe Brack, Assange activist (English): "Westminster Magistrates Court is an outpost for the US federal court system. In the court case on October 21, the American prosecutors and their security agents were sitting at the back of the court. Constantly, throughout the hearing, on October 21, the judge and the prosecutors were referring to the Americans in the procedure and what to do next. Everything that the Americans were requesting was granted."
C/U Activist hands out flyers
W/S Activist hands out flyers
C/U Flyers
SOT, Jeremy, Assange activist (English): "Julian's lawyer raised the issue that he can't access the materials he is looking for, there's an issue with laptops and gaining access to documents, she raised that to the judge, and the judge said that is not in her jurisdiction."
M/S Activists outside court
SOT, Jeremy: "We need the information that he provided to have a functioning democracy."
M/S Assange's father John Shipton greets activists outside of the court
W/S Activists outside court
SOT, Emerique Monbil, writer (English) "This torture meant the last time he struggled to remember his date of birth. Julian Assange is a very intelligent man. He suffers a lot of pain. A lot of ill treatment that is completely illegal. We must stop this process."
W/S Activists outside court
M/S Activists outside court
Activists in support of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange gathered outside London's Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday, as Assange's lawyers were in court of a hearing.
The hearing was purely administrative and was over in around five minutes. Assange's lawyers requested access to documents, to which the judge responded that it is outside of the court's jurisdiction. The next hearings are scheduled for the December 13 and 19.
Assange appeared via video link in court, but his father John Shipton appeared in person and came out to speak with activists after the hearing.