Peru: Police clash with protesters at anti-mining demo in Lima

Clashes broke out between protesters and police in the historic centre of Lima on Thursday night, as over 2,000 activists demonstrated against the Tia Maria copper mining project. Members of the crowd set tyres alight and threw rocks at police officers at the capital's Plaza San Martin. The police retaliated with tear gas and attempted to remove some of the blockades set up by the protesters. Peru has seen numerous protests against the Southern Copper Corporation's $1.5 billion (€1.37 billion) Tia Maria mining project for several months. So far at least five civilians have been killed in the upheaval but strikes and protests have continued, prompting the government to impose martial law in some areas and send in the army. Thursday's protest coincided with the second day of a 48-hour trade union strike taking place in as many as nine southern states in Peru. The strikes were called in support of residents and farmers in the Tambo Valley who are concerned that the Tia Maria mining project will pollute key waterways and foul the air in the region.