Germany: Bionic ants and robotic butterflies on show at Hanover Fair

Bionic ants and butterfly-like drones dazzled visitors at the avant-premiere of the Hanover Fair (Hannover Messe), Sunday. Producer Festo showed how its ant-like BionicANT robots are able to take decisions autonomously and work together to solve tasks. In another demonstration it showed its eMotionButterflies flying as a collective. Fanuc meanwhile showed off its robots' ability to anticipate human touch, a functionality aimed at preventing accidents. Manufacturing company Schunk presented its servo-electric 5-finger gripping hand SVH, a robot that's able to shake hands with humans. The Hanover Fair for industrial technology starts on Monday April 13 and runs until April 17. It features some 6,500 exhibitors and attracts 250,000 visitors annually.