Brazil: Green water in Olympic pool posed no health risk – Rio spokesperson

During a press conference at Rio 2016 Main Press Centre, Wednesday, Rio 2016 Olympic Games executive communications director, Mario Andrada, commented on the incident when the pool hosting the women's synchronized diving finals turned a deep bright green.
"Yesterday mid-afternoon there was a sudden decrease in the alkalinity of the diving pool and that is the main reason for the colour has changed," Andrada told journalists. "The bigger pool is also being affected in the same way," he added.
However, Andrada assured the press, "There is absolutely no risk whatsoever for the health of anybody, especially for the athletes."
Andrada said the pool color would get back to normal shortly. "The independent group [of experts] confirmed our assessment and confirmed that the measures taken to bring the pool back to its normal colour and its normal chemical state are correct, and they confirmed that the pool should go to this classic blue colour during the day," he explained, before adding that rainy weather in Rio "affected it a little bit the speed of the changes of the state of the water."