Germany: Security tightened at Chemnitz station following 'bomb plot' arrests

Security in and around Chemnitz central railway station was tightened following the arrest of three suspects in connection with a 'bomb plot' allegedly planned by a 22-year-old Syrian man named Jaber Al-Bakr, in Chemnitz, on Saturday afternoon.
Police say two people were arrested at the main station while another - in the Fritz-Heckert neighborhood. Bomb disposal squads reportedly checked the two men's suitcases with a robotic device. Police confirmed on Twitter that the search for the main suspect is underway. "However, currently we don't know where he is and what he carries with him. Be careful," the statement reads.
Earlier on Saturday, police evacuated several residential blocks in the Fritz-Heckert neighborhood of Chemnitz following reports of a bomb plot by a resident of one of the apartments.
Parts of the city were cordoned off and civilians were evacuated as scores of police officers gathered at the scene.
Police say robotic devices searched the apartment and carried out a controlled explosion in order to enter the flat. "As a result of the search operation we managed to find traces of material which could have been used as explosives. What exactly the explosive [materials] were there for, the investigations will say later," press spokesperson for the Saxony criminal investigation office, Tom Bernhardt, told journalists.
Following the security alert in Chemnitz, police have tightened security measures at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport.