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A kangaroo is hopping around an Australian town with an arrow stuck in its head.
According to Nine News, the male roo was spotted on Saturday morning in the town of Toorbul, Queensland, by wildlife workers, who have been frantically trying to capture the animal and give it assistance. It has now been three days since the kangaroo was first spotted, and many are concerned for its welfare.
An Australia Zoo spokesperson told the TV station, "It does appear to have an arrow in it but it's difficult to tell how badly it's been hurt until we get closer. Obviously we'd like to bring him in and give him a bit of medical attention."
The roo has been avoiding capture by bouncing across acres of property, and it is believed he is not currently eating properly due to the injury.
RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty told the Sunshine Coast Daily it is a horrible act of animal cruelty and that although the animal is lucky the arrow didn't hit its vital organs, it is in for a lot of agony.


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