UK: Londoners decry 'Tory scum' after Conservative election victory

Hundreds of anti-Conservative protesters rallied in London on Saturday, decrying the Tory party victory in yesterday's UK general election and five more years of pro-austerity rule under British Prime Minister David Cameron. Angry demonstrators marched on the Conservative Headquarters and later 10 Downing Street, shouting slogans including "Tory scum" and "No ifs, no buts, no more fucking Tory cuts." Several protesters dressed up in military attire, with many bearing anarchist flags and anti-austerity placards. Conservative policies expected to be implemented within the next five years include scrapping the Human Rights Act of 1988, calling an in-out referendum on the UK's membership in the European Union, and an estimated £30 billion (€41,281,500,824) worth of cuts to public spending. Austerity measures will include removing housing benefit for under-21s on jobseeker's allowance and an estimated £12 billion (€16,512,600,329) in unspecified welfare cuts, among others.