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Germany: Merkel feels 'wonderful' as she visits Goslar day after shaking attack

0 19.06.2019 Инфо

M/S German Chancellor Angela Merkel talking with parents and child
M/S Merkel exchanging pleasantries with baby's parents
M/S 'Fridays for Future' protesters
W/S Merkel and former German Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel walking
M/S Merkel and entourage walking
M/S Merkel walking
W/S Merkel and Gabriel posing
M/S Merkel and Gabriel posing
C/U Merkel
M/S Protesters
M/S Pupils waiting for Merkel
W/S Merkel speaking to pupils
M/S Merkel drinking water
W/S Press
M/S Merkel walking on street
W/S Protester shouting at Merkel in German *UPSOUND*: "We can easily solve the problems, Mrs Merkel, with hemp. We can build green climate-friendly engines, houses."
M/S Merkel with citizens
W/S Crowd around Merkel
M/S Merkel walking
M/S Merkel walking
C/U Camera
M/S Merkel with Gabriel and officials
M/S Merkel examining mine train
W/S Train moving
C/U Merkel
W/S Merkel getting into funicular
W/S Merkel in funicular with reporter asking (German): [UPSOUND] "Mrs Merkel, how are you doing today?", and Merkel responding: "Wonderful. It's very nice here."
German Chancellor Angela Merkel seemed fit as she visited the town of Goslar on Wednesday morning, a day after she was filmed visibly shaking while receiving newly-appointed Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Berlin.
In Goslar she was greeted by a small group of environmental protesters before heading into the town's Kaiserpfalz historical palace complex to have a one-hour-long discussion with local school pupils.
She was joined by Goslar.-born, former German vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel on her tour of the town in Lower Saxony
A reporter inquired about her health as she toured the town's market where an upbeat Merkel replied," Wonderful. It's very nice here."
Merkel had blamed her trembling attack on dehydration.