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Minsk residents joined voters in casting their ballots in around 6,000 polling stations across the country to have their say in the presidential elections, Sunday morning. Since polls opened at 8:00 local time (0500 GMT). At the time of writing, 36 percent of the population were estimated to have voted. Four candidates are running for the presidency of Belarus: current President Alexander Lukashenko, activist of the campaign 'Tell the Truth!' Tatiana Karatkevich, chairman of the Belarusian Patriotic Party Nikolai Ulakhovich and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Sergei Gaydukevich. Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, who has been leading the country since 1994 - winning four elections in a row - is seeking a fifth consecutive term in office, and is expected to win, accordingly the majority of polls.


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