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Germany: De Maiziere stresses significant increase in anti-refugee violence

2 23.05.2016 Инфо

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere presented the annual crime report during a press conference in Berlin, Monday. At the focus of the report was a significant hike in the amount of attacks against refugees and refugee accommodation, registered under politically motivated crimes.
De Maiziere explained, "The main focus of politically motivated crimes is, of course, on refugees. This is, in particular, in the category of far-right politics, where the overall number of crimes rose to nearly 23,000 incidents, that is 6,000 cases more than in the previous year."
According to the report, De Maiziere does not expect violence against refugees to abate in 2016. He pointed out that 347 attacks against refugee accommodation have already been registered in the first quarter of the new year.