Men Disguised As Women Spark NSA Shooting

Sources said gunfire erupted Monday morning at the gate of the National Security Agency's facility at Fort Meade in Maryland when two men disguised as women in a stolen car tried to enter. After trying to make an "unathorized entry," the driver of the Ford Escape ignored the guard's order to leave the area. NSA spokesman Jonathan Freed said in a statement,
"The vehicle accelerated toward an NSA Police vehicle blocking the road. NSA Police fired at the vehicle when it refused to stop. The unauthorized vehicle crashed into the NSA Police vehicle."
One man died at the scene; the cause of death has not been determined. The other was hospitalized with unknown injuries, and the NSA police officer was also hurt.
Officials said there was no evidence the incident was related to terrorism.
Col. Brian Foley, Fort Meade garrison commander, said in a statement, "The incident has been contained and is under investigation,".