Keystone Activists Enraged by Report That FBI Spied on Them

Jane Kleeb, who runs an political advocacy organization in Nebraska, at first didn't want to call the police about the truck that kept parking just off her family's property.
But when Kleeb, an ardent opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline project, saw the vehicle roll up close to her house where she lives with her children, she felt too threatened to let it go. She phoned police and the truck promptly disappeared.
But that and other strange occurrences have left her feeling exposed.
Kleeb, who thought another truck was following her just the other night, now carries mace wherever she goes. Reading The Guardian's report on Tuesday that seemed to confirm that the FBI spied on environmental activists opposed to the Keystone pipeline, Kleeb and other activists say they feel both validated, enraged and frightened. "It's a little bit terrifying because you watch movies based on that kind of stuff," Kleeb told Mashable. "I think the FBI has much bigger things to worry about than a mom with a mini-van who is protesting a pipeline."