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Italy: PM Conte promises immediate funding to repair flood-hit Venice

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SOT, Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister (Italian): "At the Cabinet meeting today we'll be adopting the State of Emergency decree, which has been requested by the President of the (Veneto) region. That will enable us to introduce financing for immediate aid expenses and expenses to restore basic services. As for damages, we'll be facing two stages. The first phase will allow us to compensate retailers and individual citizens, with a limit of 5,000 euros for individuals and 20,000 euros for retailers. This money would be immediately available and it will go for damage compensation. As for those who suffered wider damages, they will be measured carefully, and they might be redressed following a technical inquiry."
SOT, Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister (Italian): "At the moment, following a first round of consultations with all the authorities who were present today, we pinpointed November 26 as a date. If this date will be confirmed, this is the day of the big committee. As we are telling citizens, this body that I summoned will work as a governance body for all infrastructural issues regarding Venice, starting from cruise ships, the MOSE (Venice flood barriers' system) and the issue of a better coordination of all responsible authorities."
SOT, Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister (Italian): "Mine are first impressions. Now we're completing another round (of meetings). I want to talk with the people, who are suffering a dramatic situation. My feeling is of a great distress. Today I spoke with a newsagent, Mr Walter, who saw his kiosk plunging in the Giudecca Canal, he lost everything, and you can imagine what does this mean for those who have a commercial activity, seeing their whole world sinking into water..."
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte vowed the immediate release of financial aid to flood-ravaged Venice while visiting the city on Thursday, as his cabinet declared a state of emergency for the region.
Conte said both retailers and private citizens will be compensated, after the approval of a special decree which included €20 ($22) million in funding to repair the damages in the historic lagoon city.
The Italian leader also announced the creation of a special body to discuss the controversial flood barrier system known as MOSE, a project meant to protect the city from the annual high tide which has been dogged by corruption scandals.
On Tuesday, more than 80 percent of the city was submerged into water after the high tide reached 1.87 metres (6 foot).