Boko Haram Crisis Pushes Poor of Western Chad to Brink of Hunger

Disruptions to trade and an influx of refugees fleeing Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria have made life more difficult for people already struggling in western Chad.
According to UNICEF, since January, an estimated 18,000 Nigerian refugees and 8,500 Chadian returnees arrived in Chad, fleeing an insurgency by the Islamist militant group in northern Nigeria.
Citing World Food Programme figures, UNICEF added that in six months the number of people living in "food insecurity" - without reliable access to enough affordable food - in Kanem, Barh El Gazal and Lake regions of western Chad has increased to 552,000 from 339,000.
The region depends on trade with Nigeria, but with damage to infrastructure, a fall off in cross-border trade and continuing insecurity, markets for cattle and farm produce are shut down.