Taco Bell Throws Out Artificial Flavors in New Health Kick

Taco Bell, the chain behind such oddball junk food mash-ups as the Quesarito and the Dorito-shelled taco, is now on the world's unlikeliest health kick. The Mexican-style fast food joint announced Tuesday that it will swear off of artificial colors, chemical ingredients and added trans-fats across most of its menu, making it the latest chain to jump on a growing bandwagon of fast food giants trading chemical-loaded foods for fresher fare in a bid to lure a more health-conscious crowd. For Taco Bell, that means that its nacho cheese, avocado ranch dip and red tortilla chips will lose the dyes that brighten their colors. Real black pepper will replace "black pepper flavor" in the seasoned ground beef, and high fructose corn syrup and "unsustainable" palm oil will also get the boot.