UK: Anti-Shell National Gallery protest breaks out in 'scuffles'

Activists occupied the National Gallery in London on Friday in opposition to funding received from multinational oil company Royal Dutch Shell. Unfurling anti-Shell banners, the action involved a fellow activist performing as a mock Shell 'representative.' The activist-turned-actor chased the group through the gallery, giving the appearance of attempting to snatch their banners and put an end to the protest. Dozens of protesters also gathered outside the National Gallery as the action continued inside. Located on the iconic Trafalgar Square, the event was organised by 'Reclaim the Power,' who simultaneously organised 15 climate change related actions throughout the country. Seven activists were reportedly arrested throughout the UK in the series of protests. Shell is a key 'corporate benefactor' of the National Gallery and has sponsored key exhibitions, including the 2015 showcase of Dutch painter and etcher Rembrandt. It has been involved in a series of controversies recently after it was revealed the Anglo-Dutch multinational is partially funding the London Science Museum's 'Atmosphere' exhibition, a so-called "exploration" of climate change.