Chalkboard Lessons From 1917 Uncovered at High School

Educators in Oklahoma were overjoyed this month to uncover a blast from the past: Chalkboards full of lessons, pictures and notes that hadn't been touched in nearly 100 years. Sherry Kishore, the principal of Emerson High School in Oklahoma City, said, "It's like I walked into a time capsule." The school was being remodeled, and contractors taking down chalkboards in four classrooms discovered another set of blackboards hiding underneath. The bottom sets seemingly haven't had eyes on them since 1917, and while some of the teaching methods are dated, many of the pictures, words and numbers are in near-perfect condition. The pictures, probably drawn during November/pre-Thanksgiving lessons, show pilgrims, turkeys and children. A discovered calendar is also shown in the process of transitioning into December.