Documents Detail Bitter Environment at the CIA in Wake of 9/11 Attacks

Top CIA officials fought bitterly in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks over whether U.S. intelligence agencies could have done more to stop the deadliest terrorist strikes in American history.
Documents released Friday reveal that an agency inspector general's report found that the CIA had no comprehensive strategy or adequate resources marshaled to address al Qaeda.
That report from CIA Inspector General John Helgerson served to cast a shadow over former CIA Director George Tenet and his lieutenants, who indicated their efforts intently focused on al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden at the time.
Also included in the release is a July 2005 meme from 17 top CIA officers disputing Helgerson's report.
None of the documents focus directly on how President George W. Bush and his White House dealt with the al Qaeda threat after taking office in January 2001.
Some former officials, including Bush counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke, have said Bush did not initially make al Qaeda a priority.