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Iraq: Brother mourns as deadly US airstrike kills 8 family members

1 02.11.2016 Инфо

Yousuf Mohammed Yousuf visited the graves of his family in Fadhiliya on Wednesday, after US airstrikes killed his brother and seven other family members on October 22.
The family's home, on the outskirts of Mosul, came under attack on a Saturday morning, when their house was hit twice, killing Yousuf's brother and his pregnant wife, their children and grandchildren.
Yousuf said believes a NATO strike is responsible for the deaths. The United States later confirmed it carried out attacks in the area on October 22, adding that the coalition will conduct an investigation into the attack to establish the facts.
On November 1 the UN called on all parties to make the protection of civilian lives a priority as the battle over Mosul, the so-called Islamic State's (IS, ISIL) last major stronghold, intensifies.