Majestic - Fake Life [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Allrounda
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer: Georgi Gramatikov
Photoshop Designer: Boyana Jeleva


[Verse 1]

God damn you stupid skinny fucking bitch!
Trying to figure out how dumb you can possibly get!
This is just a warning so don’t you get it twisted,
I have got the lyrics under the video – read it!
‘Cause English isn’t a strength of yours is it?
This is just to tell you to shut that hole of yours,
‘Fore I make a diss and tell the whole world what a slut you is,
Boyfriend there? Tell him to shut his ears,
‘Cause he’s about to hear some nasty shit my dear,
Whore in disguise, remember in Grote Markt once?
You were so desperate for sex, saw this hobo looking guy,
Were so shy that I gave him your number,
But he never called you – no wonder!
Does your boyfriend know how you couldn’t get laid?
How you asked guys around just to sleep in your bed?
Oh wait…you two were broken up that week!

[Chorus 2X]

Ha-ha-ha! Fake laugh!
Relate to it! Fake life!
Eat heart out! Big mouth!
Fuck with me bitch you’re going down!

[Verse 2]

Bitch! You walk around thinking you are so sexy,
I would only call you sexy after a bottle of whisky!
Eat some dick, gain some weight, oh wait,
Cannot even get laid…hmm, tsk, shit I forget!
Drink a Gatorade, have some faith, feel the energy to,
Wipe the imbecilic look off your face,
Drove me insane every time we went out for a drink,
All you ever did was whine and bitch!
Looked like someone sucked the life out of your non-existent tits,
I have seen more life in fucking cabbage,
Oh, speaking of goods that are damaged,
Does your boyfriend know the reason that you moved to Holland?
Hold up man…the bitch moved,
Because of a dude she was loving since she was a kid,
But he never got excited when she sucked his dick,
So they called it quits and she then took you back…idiot!

[Chorus 2X]


I was created to create while,
You were created to take up space and,
I’ll show you how not to fuck with Ace,
‘Cause I’ll break your face when I see you face to face!
Now you should know better than this,
But bless, bitches be on that forgetfulness!
I confess that I could sense,
Stupidity since we met, now get a load of this!

[Verse 3]

Hey bitch remember when I told you about my blueprint?
I was gonna ruin someone’s life because they screwed me!
When you heard it even you began getting scared of me:
“I would never cross you, please don’t ever hurt me,
Certainly I wouldn’t ever wanna be your enemy!”,
But clearly that’s exactly what you did cunt!
Couldn’t take responsibility for your actions,
So you tried to make it seem as my fault!
By default I assume you lack the balls but,
I recall when you date that faggot he would call,
All the shots for you, he would put the stops on you,
And you ran to me asking what to do, like bitch please!
You would say how you wanna do a lot with your life,
But you couldn’t even do your fucking man right!
Let’s be honest you and I, your ambitions are a lie,
To survive you would have to leach off a guy!

[Chorus 2X]