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Hong Kong: Pro-Beijing protesters call for order after man dies during unrest

2 16.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Pro-Beijing activists hold protest after death of 70-year-old cleaner, Hong Kong
M/S Pro-Beijing activists rallied as speaker holds speech
SOT, Mr. King, Protester (Cantonese): "So actually, about the cleaning worker, that is explained. Now it's not only the police who kill people now, but it's also become that people kill people. So, it has become very serious already, and the government should do something. First, they should stop the police, stop them from attacking people. If they don't stop, all the things will not stop. The government should do a thing first, stop all the criminals, so I would say, the government don't hide behind the building and come up to say something to stop all the things."
M/S Protest organiser Shek Fong-Yau *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Shek Fong-Yau, Protest organiser (Cantonese): "This is a very unfortunate incident. An incident caused the death to an innocent citizen by violence. Today, we brought some white flower to mourn him, he is the first one who sacrificed in the violence. I want to say he was just a leader of a cleaner, he did not throw stones and only filmed on the scene, his death is unfortunate, I hope the police can find out the truth as soon as possible and restore the order of our society."
M/S Shek Fong-Yau takes photograph with protesters *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Shek Fong-Yau, Protest organiser (Cantonese): "The incident shows that some people have to wake up and not to continue to use violence. In fact, they can't win the demands of what you want, they will only continue to undermine the society. I hope that the citizens with conscience can stand up and tell the violent people that Hong Kong no longer allows such kind of things happen. "
M/S Shek Fong-Yau amid protesters *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Mr. Gary, Pro-Beijing protester (Cantonese): "The black people killed the worker, we are very angry, we all stand up in Hong Kong to fight against the mob, we are no longer silent, we have all stood up, today we have about 400-600 people, we will be united against the thugs."
M/S Protesters rallying
Hundreds of pro-Beijing protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday to voice their hope that the police can "restore the order of the society" and "find out the truth" following a death of a 70-year-old cleaner during clashes on Thursday night.
Protesters laid white flowers outside the Legislative Council building to pay their respects to the man who died on Thursday after reportedly being hit in the head with a brick, during clashes between anti-government protesters and Beijing supporters.
"The black people killed the worker, we are very angry, we all stand up in Hong Kong to fight against the mob, we are no longer silent," said one of the protesters, Gary.
Hong Kong has been rocked by protests sparked by a now-withdrawn extradition bill since the end of March. The rallies later evolved into a wider movement against the government, marked by months of clashes between protesters and the authorities.