Syria: Opposition shelling kills 16 in district of Aleppo - report

A family of four - father, mother and two children - were among the 16 people killed during a shelling of the Bacha district of Aleppo on Friday, according to a local media report. The attack, allegedly carried out by opposition fighters, left more than 80 people wounded, some of whom were seen receiving treatment at a local hospital. The report has not been independently verified.
Thirty-seven-year-old Ahmad bin Abdul Wahab, his 34-year-old wife Shirin Mustafa, and their children - 10-year-old Ahmed, and five-year-old Zain Ahmed were reportedly killed during the attack.
Aleppo is facing some of the fiercest fighting it has seen since the beginning of the war, following the collapse of the ceasefire and the Russia-US peace deal. Medical groups and human rights activists have highlighted the plight of the residents as the war continues with renewed intensity in the city.