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Ердоган: Никое мюсюлманско семейство не трябва да се занимава с контрол на раждаемостта

25 365 30.05.2016 Инфо

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an audience that Muslim families should reject ideas of population planning and birth control during an address in Istanbul, Monday, saying “No Muslim family can have such an approach.”
Erdogan went on to say "we will do what our Lord says and we will walk the path of our beloved prophet," stressing that this is the "duty of mothers." "The real owner of the generation are the mothers," he added, emphasising that the role of women as mothers and their supposed duty to raise children.
Erdogan came out against birth control in 2014, calling it a form of treason threatening the nation's bloodline. He urged married couples to have at least three children, as part of a bid to enlarge the Turkish population.