Oculus Rift And a New PC Will Cost You $1,500

Oculus VR has not said how much its VR headset will cost, but we have priced it at $500 based on calculations.
The virtual reality company's CEO Brian Iribe offered these pricing tea leaves at at the annual Code Conference on Wednesday.
Iribe explained that a brand new PC and an Oculus VR would total about $1,500. He continued. If you need to update your PC with a graphics card, the cost of the card and the VR headset together would be $1,000.
Since we know that Oculus can't run on an ultrabook or low-end PC, we can assume that a new system to run with Oculus Rift might cost $1,000.
That leaves $500 for the headset. It's a price that falls roughly in line with the Samsung Gear VR headset, which Samsung developed with Oculus VR.